Could this be you? 

HDM is a start-up ministry, from the bottom to the top, currently operating on 100% volunteer efforts. Right now, and for the past few years, any time you have read the possessive pronoun "we", it has literally meant God and Sister Atim. From video editing/production, to website building, and administration, the Good Lord has been holding her hand through learning the necessary skills needed to start a ministry. 

She strongly believes in the counsel provided in 1 Corinthians 12:14 in that the body of Christ is not made up of one member, but many. 

​In the multitude of counsellors, there is safety. (Proverbs 11:14)

​YouTube is a very powerful resource for those searching for practical spiritual answers around the world, and thus  HDM is currently a digital-driven mission. 

Red or yellow, black and white... We are looking for co-hosts!

Do you have a specific area of ministry that the Lord has placed on your heart? Maybe you love cooking healthy plant-based recipes and would like to create video content doing so. Or perhaps you have a heart for God's little flock and would like to focus on teaching simple ideas/activities for the every-day parent to keep their precious children ever engaged in God's Word and their salvation journey... Let's work together.

You know who you are. God is calling you to be a part of His Daughters' Meekness. 

Step 1. Pray earnestly about this decision

Step 2. Reach out to us via email

Step 3. Schedule a phone interview

Step 4. Schedule a video meet & greet

Step 5. Review general protocols,                        expectations, and goals of HDM              as a whole, as well as your                      personal goals within the ministry

Step 6. Start creating content for YouTube

Here at HDM, we believe that for the mental & spiritual well-being of individuals involved, it is vital that we participate as a team in bi-monthly prayer and bible study.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Hi! I'm [a-teem]. I was born in Uganda, raised in the States, and am so grateful that I'm just a passing through. I spent most of my life running away from God, jump-starting adulthood as a professional model before leaving it in 2012 and trying the corporate world-- (currently pulling my last limb out of this jungle)!

Kicking against the pricks for far too long, I am finally pursuing the journey that has been calling me since I was a little girl. Often I can't breathe, my chest aches, and I'm restless because of it. Through years of agonizing prayer and tears, His simple answer has always been, Just surrender, Atim.

What a long-suffering God!

Come poverty or hunger, I am immersing what's left of me into full-time ambassador work for God, focusing on healing the family unit, starting with the Woman, as she is who I know best. Her growing pains have been my own. Dear Sister, come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ? 

As founder of His Daughters' Meekness, I seek to collaborate with other like-minded women to promote the application of Titus 2:3-5 in every Christian household by example and exhortation.

Other than that, I'm just a girl that loves reading and writing, gets googly-eyed over sunflowers and dragonflies, needs and enjoys a lot of time alone, is learning Spanish, dances and sings around the house, dreams of hot-air ballooning one day (then regularly), but most of all, am growing fonder of the God who sent His only begotten Son to take my place of torment and death, that His agony may be my joy.

You can watch my official testimony video here on YouTube.

Anything else? Please ask away!

​Hugs and love,

Atim Birungi p'Oyat

Administrative Officer

Sisters doing good services for the Master, with a sincere love of the truth.

“There certainly should be a larger number of women engaged in the work of ministering to suffering humanity. . . . When believing women shall feel the burden of souls, . . . they will be working as Christ worked. They will consider no sacrifice too great to make to win souls to Christ.”

—Evangelism, 465

“There are many . . . offices connected with the cause of God which our sisters are better qualified to fill than our brethren, and in which they might do efficient service.” —Welfare Ministry, 147


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