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Luke 15:10 tells us that there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth. The scriptures further tell us that we overcome him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of [our] testimony (Revelation 12:11). This world is almost 7,000 years old, and we have been through a lot as a people and as individuals. As we give over our lives to Jesus by daily dying to self, sharing what the Lord has done for us, encourages others along their journey.  There is a testimony that has been stirring up in your heart that needs to be poured into the lives of others combating life's maladies--depression, anger, abuse, rejection, loneliness, etc.* It may be your story that brings another a step closer to the Saviour they need, who alone can heal their soul. 

 HDM will be featuring one testimony each month on our website and YouTube channel. YOUR LIFE MATTERS 

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*Because God alone can bear the sins and vulnerability of the human heart, our purpose for these testimonies is not to bring condemnation or shame upon ourselves or those that may be a part of our story. Please note that for this reason, HDM will work along side you, in production of your feature, to assure that all defaming of one's reputation/character is avoided--this may include kindly suggesting certain portions of your story be left out. As a general rule of thumb, attempt to send in your submissions without including names or details of the wrongs and abuses undergone. Although this can be hard to do, you can positively impact others without sharing the tales that should be left in the ears of God alone.

Side note: Sister Atim's original testimony was over an hour and a half minutes long upon completion of recording. She had to pray a number of times during the editing process for what to leave out as she has walked through a path full of thorns and thistles. Through God's aid, she was able to cut back an hour of it, leaving out everything that could bring reproach on others.

Remembering that we all fall on our faces at times, let us shame the devil and give all glory to God for the good that has come out of our afflictions.